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Baker’s Cyst and venous thrombosis

Baker cyst is a mass containing joint fluid located behind the leg (popliteal fossa). There is intra-articular synovial fluid in the knee joint, which eliminates friction. Synovial joint fluid production increases due to problems such as joint inflammation, calcification (gonoarthrosis), trauma, meniscus or cartilage rupture.

Depending on the accumulation of chronic fluid around the joint, a Baker cyst with a joint gap is formed, varying in size ranging from hazelnut to walnut size. It most often develops inside the popliteal fossa.

This cyst is most frequently seen over the age of 50, when joint capsule integrity is impaired and related joint problems develop. It is more common in women.

A mass can be palpated behind the leg in a Baker cyst. It is generally round and uniformly limited. The cyst hardens with the opening of the leg, it softens by bending. It causes pain during leg movements.

The cyst is confused with popliteal artery aneurysm, tumor, deep vein thrombosis.

Various complications develop depending on the compression of the cyst on the surrounding structures. These; Depending on the pressure on the artery, it may disrupt leg nutrition, thrombosis due to compression of the upper limb, neuropathy due to nerve compression may develop.

After the cyst reaches a certain size, it can rupture suddenly. Depending on this, swelling and very serious calf pain that starts around the knee and spreads downwards develop. The mass behind the leg may disappear with these sudden developing complaints. This table can often be confused with DVT. Due to misdiagnosis, these blood thinning needles are frequently started.

It should be shown that there is no DVT by performing Doppler ultrasound in the differential diagnosis. Magnetic resonance (MR) should be performed to detect joint pathology.

Baker cyst treatment

Baker cyst is usually followed up, it may shrink and disappear by itself. Surgical treatment is rarely preferred. Often, aspiration accompanied by ultrasound is sufficient. Surgical treatment can be applied in repeated aspiration.

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