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Golden rules in the treatment of varicoses




Varicose vein treatment in Antalya


Varicose veins constitute an important health problem affecting 25% of men and women in the society. Varicose veins are mainly a problem caused by the abduction of the valves in the vein, in other words, venous insufficiency. The most important causes of venous insufficiency are genetic predisposition, lifestyle that requires long standing, overweight and birth.

Due to venous insufficiency and varicose veins, visual problems, pain in the leg, swelling, cramp, burning in the soles of the feet, restless leg, swelling in the ankle, stiffness and darkening in color or ulcer may develop. In addition to these problems, vein occlusion, which constitutes the most important cause of lung embolism, may develop as a complication of varicose veins and venous insufficiency.

Elimination of varicose veins on the skin by various methods does not provide a solution unless venous insufficiency is eliminated. These varicose veins recur in a very short time. Therefore, the indispensable treatment of varicose veins is to eliminate the leakage (venous insufficiency) causing varicose veins with various methods with Doppler ultrasound.

Today, laser / Radiofrekenas (RF) treatment and adhesive treatment are the most common methods used in the treatment of leaks that cause varicose veins or varicose veins. Laser / RF and adhesive treatments are very satisfying procedures applied with local anesthesia, and success rates are very high.

After the leak is eliminated with endovenous methods, large and small scale varicose veins are left, which cause visual problems. Large diameter varicose veins are removed from the small incisions 1-2mm in diameter without pain and scar by applying micro-surgery in the same session. Foam sclerotherapy or superficial laser / RF treatments are applied to small capillaries.

An important group of patients applies only for capillary varicose veins without complaints. In these patients, Doppler ultrasound should be performed before foam treatment to determine whether these capillary varices are also caused by a leak. Otherwise, the capillaries will recur in a short time with an increased incidence.

As a result, success in the treatment of varicose veins primarily involves making the correct diagnosis and applying the appropriate treatment methods. In treatment, methods such as laser / RF or adhesive, micro-surgery and foam should be combined.

The success of the treatment should not be limited to the method known only by the doctor .......




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