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Skin changes in vein disease

Skin changes in venous diseases

Some patients develop red or brown discoloration in the ankle area. While these are initially mild due to the effect of high pressure on the leg, they become more apparent in the coming years.

These skin changes are considered as skin inflammation or eczema due to blood ponding in the leg (venous stasis dermatitis). Patients who develop these changes are considered to have chronic vein hypertension. Due to the effect of high pressure in the leg veins, changes develop in the skin and soft tissue under the skin. Serum, blood cells and protein leak from the microscopic vein wall into the soft tissue due to the effect of high pressure in the veins. Infection due to these changes in the skin, blood ponding and clot formation in the veins results in the development of ulcers in the ankle region.

Healing of eczema or ulcer in the ankle area takes a long time with special care. While there are not many complaints in the early period, patients develop constant pain and burning in the later stages.

Increased venous pressure that causes eczema or ulcers develops due to the veins in the veins to reclaim the blood or to the vein occlusion at higher levels or when both problems are together.

The most effective method in the evaluation of these patients is to evaluate vein leakage and obstruction using color Doppler ultrasound.

The basic principle in the treatment of eczema or ulcers in the ankle is to reduce the pressure in this area. It is the use of varicose socks or elastic bandages that are indispensable for this. If the lesions are developed due to obstruction, it is necessary to use varicose stockings continuously. In addition, it should not be standing still for a long time or sit still. If the lesions are caused by vein leaks, it is necessary to eliminate the leak by applying laser or surgical treatment for these leaks.

Intervention in the early stages of the disease in these patients will increase the chance of success in treatment.

Prof.Dr.ilhan Gölbaşı

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