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may turner sendromu

may turner sendromu (damar damar üstüne binmesi)

Diagnosis of various health problems are made among our people and even treated with traditional methods. The most frequently heard of these diagnoses is the vein overlapping the vein.

In fact, although it is emphasized here that the veins overlap each other as the cause of the complaint, in reality it has nothing to do with the vein. The main event here is muscle spasm due to causes such as cold, stress and strain and the resulting pain.

This statement which has nothing to do with the vascular problem; this time, how did the vein overlap the vein, and how did it cause such pain? Physicians were also asked the question, "Does the vein actually overlap the vein?" Our answer to this question was 'YES', different from what is understood among these people. By clarifying this yes answer, I would like to talk about an important health problem that leads me to write the article, overlapping the real vein.

Normally, the arteries carrying clean blood to the right leg in the abdomen normally follow the vein carrying the dirty blood of the left leg. Depending on this normal condition, it compresses the vein in very light to very serious amounts. Severe contraction of more than 50% in the vein diameter is considered as an overlapping vein.

Diagnosis of this disease is often missed in medical evaluations or passed through other diagnoses because it is unthinkable. Sometimes, this diagnosis is made as a result of advanced examinations in patients with no edema and pain in the left leg.

Surgery or stent therapy is applied to people who have severe compression findings with tomography, ultrasound or vein angioma, to eliminate complaints and prevent vascular occlusion. With these treatments, the arteries findings are eliminated by preventing the arteries from underlying the vein underneath.

As a result, everyone normally gets on the vein. However, if the underlying vein is compressed too much, complaints such as pain and swelling in the left leg develop, and this picture is considered to be a true vascular overlap disease.

Prof.Dr.ilhan Gölbaşı

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