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Micro Surgery in the Treatment of Varicose Veins

In patients with large varicose veins in the leg, Doppler ultrasound is performed first and a leak causing varies is detected. For this leakage, first of all, laser treatment is applied intravenously. All of the wide varicose veins seen from outside in the same session with laser treatment are taken quite simply by microsurgery.

Microsurgery, following local anesthesia with very small needles, the varicose veins, which have become very large for 1-2 mm from the very small incisions to the skin, are removed with small instruments with hooks. Stitches are not required on the areas removed after the procedure. Only tiny tapes can be attached. Following this procedure, two days of elastic bandage application will be sufficient.

Figure 1. Microsurgical varices

Pain may not be felt or may be very mild during the procedure. The success of this procedure is over 90% and there is no relapse. As an alternative to microsurgery, foam sclerotherapy is applied to these large vessels. However, after sclerotherapy to such large vessels, recurrence is very common and creates an image that makes it cosmetically darker.

Figure 2. Removal of varices from 1mm incision

It would be more appropriate to perform foam sclerotherapy to very thin vessels that remain a few months after laser or micro-surgery.

Dr.İlhan Gölbaşı

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