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Treatment of varicose veins with adhesive

Intravascular adhesive method is the latest application in the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. In this technique, cyanoacrylate, which has been used in other medical fields for many years, is administered intravenously. This method is a painless, effective and safe procedure that is applied in a short time, used in the treatment of varicose veins. This method is used as an alternative to laser or radiofrequency. Adhesive treatment is mainly used to remove venous insufficiency that causes varicose veins.

Figure 1.2. Application of adhesive in ultrasound control

People applying adhesive therapy should know the doppler ultrasound assessment very well. People who have previously performed laser treatment perform this application very easily. Otherwise, the procedures performed without correctly evaluating the localization of the catheter to which the adhesive is delivered may result in disaster. If the tip of the catheter is in the deep vein or if the adhesive is missed from the superficial vein into the deep vein, vital complications such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism may develop.

In this process, a small and short catheter is placed in the vein with ultrasound guidance. A long catheter, through which we will send the adhesive, is sent up to 3 cm below the deep and superficial vein junction. From this level, the catheter is withdrawn and a total of 1 cc of adhesive is applied along the vein and the process is terminated in a short time. Temporary burning sensation develops for a short time with the application of the adhesive during the process. This substance reacts quickly within the vein as soon as it contacts the blood, forming an elastic solid structure. This structure also has a protective feature against infection. Allergies or similar conditions have been reported very rarely. After the procedure, the process is ended by wrapping the leg with a bandage.

Differences of adhesive varicose vein treatment method:

  • After the procedure, it starts its normal daily activities in a short time without any pain.
  • The success rate of this process is similar to the laser and radiofrequency we have been applying for about 10 years, and the average is 95-98%.
  • This method is more comfortable according to them, it is a method that does not cause any pain during the procedure and afterwards.
  • There is no need for any anesthetic method in this method.
  • Process-related skin lesions or nerve damage do not develop.
  • Because the substance formed in the vein is of an elastic consistency,
  • Most importantly, it is not necessary to use varicose socks and any medication after the procedure.

Dr.İlhan Gölbaşı

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